MKU: Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Science & Science of Arts in Community Development classes

Established in 1996 by Prof. Simon N. Gicharu in Kenya,” MKU (Mount Kenya University) is a distinguished institution for greater schooling. The college can be found within an urban setting, with the principal campus at Thika about the outskirts of Nairobi. It has branch campuses in several different cities and towns in Kenya. Besides, it runs campuses in lots of nations. MKU is officially acknowledged and licensed from the Kenyan Education Commission. It has an important enrolment speed with over 50,000 pupils at the moment. Indeed, it is but one of the largest coeducational universities from the southern country region.

The most important campus of Mount Kenya college is located in Thika town. It’s maybe perhaps not much from Nairobi, the Kenyan capital. MKU is changing the hitherto industrial heart into an educational centre. It offers more comprehensive access to high learning for many East African communities throughout its well-structured campuses. MKU provides a lot of academic and professional classes, by means of flexible manners, including institution-based instruction , weekend classes, evening courses, and virtual studying.

Considering its origin, MKU was observing a massive enlargement. It is found in the increasing number of admissions to undergraduate and post-secondary classes. The university attempts to be a beacon of innovation that frees ability in science engineering technology, and also development. It aims to produce, disseminate, and maintain information. The university’s mission is to develop cultural, scientific, and technological mind-sets through caliber analysis and instruction. It provides conducive work and learning environment. To gather more information on MKU kindly look at


MKU offers many amenities to pupils on its campuses. It provides health care professionals to ensure a strong and safe environment for all students. The faculty’s diversion and athletic activities include Tennis, golfing, soccer, swimming, volleyball , sports, and also a lot much more. MKU also offers social and academic excursions to pupils. Transportation is readily available since the college has many excursions. MKU has a varied pupil populace. It grows talents by coordinating several cultural events. The pupils can also benefit from your academic exchanges with overseas and local associations. MKU creates experienced and employable graduates each calendar year. Some others move on to become more self explanatory.

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