MKU courses: Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution

The training course is intended to fulfill the growing need for leaders with comprehensive training that are often experts in a specific area of industry. Pupils would be prepared to serve the corporate world with the most recent up-to-date and relevant information. Pupils would be able to pursue a variety of business areas before settling on a significant due to the Bachelor of Commerce curriculum’s versatility. Accounting, Economics, Communications, Human Resource Administration, Accounting and Finance, and Sourcing and Materials Administration are one of the majors open for pupils. The B.Com course provides learners with a mentally rigorous curriculum that prepares them for careers in the business.

A job in this sector might be right for you whether you are inherently curious, imaginative, and positive, as well as appreciate having fun. This degree would prepare one to objectively examine how media portrays, depicts, and affects our civilization, preparing you for tasks in similar industries. This course will prepare you to perform independent analysis and enjoy the fundamentals of knowledge collection, processing, and distribution techniques. It is possible to learn how to create, plan, and create marketing and technology content. You could even improve and improve your research, publishing, and verbal skills and set a good base in multimedia preparation and advancement.

The Department of Social and Development Studies at Mount Kenya University provide a four-year, packaged, on-campus Bachelor of Arts in Community Development, It is one of those MKU courses given from the Institute of Social Science, The curriculum is meant to provide students with technical, professional-level knowledge in Community Growth, The Bachelor of Arts in Community Development curriculum is designed to introduce students to several instruction, study, expertise, abilities, behaviors, and views from real-world contexts, It helps students plan for issues in Development Studies, The curriculum reflects on community development’s financial, societal, and political systems.

This course prepares students to be accountable in various professional contexts, for example teaching, analyzing, and developing primary challenge and peace policies. It is among the MKU courses that give pupils a fantastic foundation for advanced search in peace and conflict resolution or related disciplines. It motivates students to function as educators, researchers, and policymakers in battle and peace-related fields. Additionally, it encourages students to develop a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of confrontation and stability. This course aims to train students to contribute to the rise of just, equal, and calm conditions.

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